Cristiana Daneș

Cristiana Daneș is a well accomplished textile designer, Founder and CEO of Silk Cage.


She was born in March 1985, in Brezoi, Vâlcea, in a beautiful town surrounded by a loving family that taught her patience and appreciation for nature. Even at a young age she showed great passion for painting, at first making reproductions and after original pieces, but her creativity reached a peak in pairing textiles and prints in such a unique and vivid way.
In 2003 she was admitted into the prestigious Bucharest University of Art where she started to play with techniques and learn more about what was going to be her life’s passion. After 4 years of guidance by great teachers, Cristiana majored in Textile Design, top of her class.
Her great progress and dedication got her accepted into the Master’s program at the same University of Art, where, between 2007 and 2009 she had the opportunity to develop furthermore her style, being able to choose from a great variety of courses to attend.
All her experience entangled with childhood memories shaped her vision and inspired her to start developing her own line of textiles. Her debut collection Silk Cage zooX shows originality, refinement and a great promise for her future.


Cristiana Daneș was invited many times to show her work throughout the years. Some of the galleries where her work was exhibited are:

November – December 2014 – Balassi Hungarian Institute of Art – “Art”
May 2011 – Bucharest – “Odeon” Studio – “Beauty Angles”
June 2009 – Bucharest – “Galateea” Gallery – “Beauty Metamorphosis”
September 2008 – Bucharest – “Orizont” Gallery – “Transparency”
August 2008 – Mogoșoaia – Brâncovenesc Palace – “Study – Textile Object and Exterior Space”
September 2007 – Bucharest – “Căminul Artei “ Gallery – “Fiber Art 1 – Textile Experiment”
July 2007 – Bucharest – “Ion Mincu” Architecture University – “Textile Horizon”